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Graduate from the Atlanta Broadcast Institute-Sports Radio and Television Broadcasting. Liberty University-Communications and Marketing. Track and Field/Gymnastics-my 2 best sports! I like March Madness, Superbowl and NBA All-Star weekend better than Christmas☺ My favorite athlete is Odell Beckham Jr but Bradley Beal is a close second!!! After working for the Toronto Blue Jays, The Toronto Raptors, Fox Sports, and The Atlanta Mix Radio Sports show, it couldn’t be more obvious that the sports industry is the only industry for me. As a passionate writer and a dedicated sports fan, my experiences continue to grow as I develop into a more embellished journalist. I absolutely love palm trees, and try to be near them every chance I get! Belize is my favorite destination to date, and surfing is a hobby I would love to master. If I could go back in time, I would have trained a little harder and tried to make it to the Olympics for Track and Field-100m sprint was my best race☺
A graduate from Centennial College’s Sports Journalism program, Duane’s love for all things sports is evident in the many forms of content he’s had the opportunity of creating. Working at The Sports Network for over three years has given Duane the ability to become an experienced story editor, digital content editor and producer. His knowledge stretches across the big four sports in North America along with much more.
Michael Macki completed his BA at the University of Toronto in Political Science. Ever since a child, Michael has always had a passion for martial arts. Michael started his martial arts journey at the age of 4 in karate and earned his Shotokan black belt at the age of 16. After watching the UFC for the first time, he decided to aim to be a complete martial artist and learn other various forms of fighting. Michael is currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has extensive experience learning in the disciplines of Judo, Wrestling, Muay Thai and Western Boxing. Michael currently writes and covers a wide range of combat sports topics for Shotclock and also works the recruitment and management division of NLSE Inc. which represents the top fighters in the world.
My name is Nic Turner, and I was born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario. I moved away in 2007 to pursue a Bachelor of Arts program at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. After graduating, I took a post-grad at Conestoga College in Public Administration – Municipal Services. This led me to my first job at ICAS of Canada in Guelph. We are a credential service that assesses foreign education and gives the comparative levels in Canada. Sports writing has always been a hobby of mine, and recently, I have picked up a couple freelance jobs. I write on the PGA/NHL for BettingPros/, and am a Toronto Maple Leafs writer for the When I’m not watching sports, I enjoy going to the gym, listening to music, or golfing. I was recently married this July, and own a German Shepherd.
Nicholas is a 23 year old journalism student at Concordia University. He is located in Montreal. He loves watching and writing about sports. His favourite sport is hockey. His favourite team is the Montreal Canadiens and has been writing about them on blogs for over 6 years. Nick’s career is on the rise and he hopes to someday work for TSN.
My name is Saara Kanji. I was born in Kenya, Mombasa but I grew up in Toronto, Canada. I am currently in my fourth year of university, studying Politics and Governance. My dream and career goal is to become a lawyer, and I’m excited to start my journey towards that. I’ve grown up in a house where sports is always on rotation on the television, whether it is basketball, baseball, football, hockey, you name it. I have taken this growing knowledge of sports and my passion for politics and combined it with my love for writing to do what I am doing for Shotclock!