Why The Raptors Have Been the Embodiment of Kyle Lowry Throughout the Decade

This decade truly couldn’t have ended any better for the Raptors and their fans. Toronto took a gamble – trading franchise star, DeMar DeRozan for a former Finals MVP...
Quick Fix to the Raptors

Searching for a ‘Quick Fix’ to the Raptors

After watching the Toronto Raptors pull off the greatest comeback in franchise history against the Dallas Mavericks, it was easy to believe that Kyle Lowry would continue to find...

Mid-Term Results: Grading the Top 10 Most Lucrative Contracts based on PER

There is something unique about John Hollinger’s brilliant Player Efficiency Rating (PER) formula and, although the criticisms are duly noted, this formula is the hallmark of determining NBA success....
Police Brutality

Canada Embraces Enes Kanter from the Boston Celtics

Although it wasn’t a Christmas day victory for the Toronto Raptors, as they took a loss against the Boston Celtics, some of the greatest winnings took place for Canada...

Breaking Down the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (the “NBA CBA”)

The NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, also known as CBA is a contract between the association - consisting of the chief executive, who is presently, Adam Silver, and 30 team...

Nav Bhatia: A Canadian Sports Icon

If you are an avid basketball fan, particularly of the Toronto Raptors, then you know there is one person that you can count on to be at the Raptors...
Raptors Steal the Show

The Toronto Takeover, Raptors Steal the Show

It goes without questioning that the Toronto Raptors have exploded with many historical moments within the last year, however, this is another for the books. After playing against the Dallas...
Toronto Raptors Be Remembered

How Will This Season’s Toronto Raptors Be Remembered?

The 2019-20 NBA season was always going to be franchise altering for the Toronto Raptors. Coming off the first NBA championship to cross the US border, fans of the...

Heat Game Strong, Udonis is Miami

When we think Miami, we think Udonis. This living legend has been a history breaking, key player that continues to outdo himself time and time again. The facts are simple,...

What This High School Baller Means to the NBA

For anyone who knows basketball, they know Josh Christopher. This young talent has been all hype ever since he marked the court at Mayfair High School, in his hometown...

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