Last Saturday, Jon Jones defended his light heavyweight title once again, at UFC247, from Dominick Reyes, albeit a highly controversial unanimous decision.  Amongst the 3 judges, Joe Solis gave a ludicrous score of 49-46 to Jones, while Chris Lee gave a more accurate 48-47 for the champ and Marcos Rosales gave a similar 48-47 to Jones.   It was clearly evident that Reyes was beating Jones for the first 3 rounds.   The southpaw challenger had landed more strikes in the first 3 rounds than Jones.

Reyes landed 23 of 59 punches (38%) compared to Jones landing 17 of 27 (62%) in the first round. The second round saw Reyes landing 33 of 68 (48%) against Jones’ contribution of 22 from 37 (59%). The third round had Reyes landing more with 26 of 45 (57%) versus Jones landing 19 of 34 (55%).The championship rounds saw Jones picking up the pace in rounds 4 and 5, securing takedowns within the last few minutes of the fight.

UFC President Dana White concluded after the fight “The scoring was all over the map,” “Joe Silva, former matchmaker here, had it at a draw. Kevin Iole hit me up, he had Jones 3-2. Going into the last round, I had Dominick Reyes 3-1 going to the last round. My kids are terrorizing me that the fix is in, ‘How could this happen, Dad?, Reyes won that fight,’ and the list goes on and on of people who are reaching out to me.”

“I know I won that fight … I made Jon Jones look like just a man,” Reyes said after the fight, according to ESPN. “I brought the fight to him.”

Many professional fighters and fans have been calling for an immediate rematch.  Currently, the light heavyweight division has been rather underwhelming. Jones has cleared the division clean of any challengers.  Last year, there were even rumours of Jones moving up to heavyweight.  Jones was interested in a possible superfight with current heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic.  Given how Reyes gave Jones the most trouble in his entire career, it’s only fair for Jones to give him another rematch.  During the post-fight press conference, Jones stated “It’s my job to embrace the toughest challenges. I’ve fought DC twice, had no problem signing the contract. I fought Alexander Gustafsson, no problem signing the contract, and if the people want to see me fight Dominick again it’s gonna be up to Dana White to find a way to make that happen”.

Nonetheless, Jon Jones has officially broken the record of most championship bout wins (14). With a fight like that, fans can only hope that a rematch would be quick in the pipelines for these two fighters to meet once again.

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Michael Macki completed his BA at the University of Toronto in Political Science. Ever since a child, Michael has always had a passion for martial arts. Michael started his martial arts journey at the age of 4 in karate and earned his Shotokan black belt at the age of 16. After watching the UFC for the first time, he decided to aim to be a complete martial artist and learn other various forms of fighting. Michael is currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has extensive experience learning in the disciplines of Judo, Wrestling, Muay Thai and Western Boxing. Michael currently writes and covers a wide range of combat sports topics for Shotclock and also works the recruitment and management division of NLSE Inc. which represents the top fighters in the world.


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