When we think Miami, we think Udonis.

This living legend has been a history breaking, key player that continues to outdo himself time and time again. The facts are simple, his hunger remains year after year, where he constantly pushes the bar.
Although remaining in his hometown of Miami has brought him pros and cons, what we do know is if Udonis isn’t rockin with it, it’s no good! There is no better expert then this go to guy himself. It is known that the best knowledge on the scene comes from none other then this veteran right here, period.

Recognized for far more then his local expertise, Udonis was put on back at Miami High, as a high school player, where he won back to back championships. What he didn’t know then, was that he would later soar into further victories at the University of Florida tipping off his career as that guy in Miami Dade County.

It is safe to say that Udonis Haslem is the spine of the Miami Heat huddle. His mentality to push through hardships and his will to “evolve,” will never go un-noticed. Key word: “evolution.” According to Udonis, if you’re not evolving you won’t stick around. The desire to want to be better and actually implement the practice of being better, are two different things. A lot of people can talk the talk, but when it comes down to it, they don’t want to walk the walk. Speaking it and actually putting it into existence is the difference amongst the leaders. Words Udonis can’t stress enough.

“I’m that living, breathing example. I’m living it every day. I’m putting in the work whether I’m playing or not.”
He goes on to say “Everybody wants to talk about sacrifice until it’s time for them to sacrifice. Then it’s like, ‘who me, what? Naw, let them do it.’ But everybody has to do it.” Not only has Udonis demonstrated action over preaching, but it is evident that this is why he has been such a strong standing force with the Heat for 17 years and counting. Growth, maturity, and constant self improvement. Udonis dips into what it was like after loosing some of the Heat legends and what his career meant after having to play without some of his fellow staples, but the show must go on, and Udonis has always been one to step up to the plate. This power forward was destined for greatness, and although Haslem only made 14 appearances in the 2017 season, he is still not ready to go anywhere but home, Miami bound.
He is aware his presence isn’t as strong as what it once used to be, but he still believes he can serve a vital purpose. Whether it’s the locker room hype man, or the longevity of wisdom he can bring to his team mates, Udonis still reigns.

The love and passion for the game is still there for him, and he will continue to put his heart and soul into the game of basketball as long as his contracts keep coming in. Players such as Dwyane Wade have gone on to say “Udonis is the most selfless player I’ve ever met.” His reputation is certainly a good one, and the city of Miami is blessed to have such a remarkable hometown athlete on their roster, upholding 17 years of play, something that is almost unheard of. Local and alive, Udonis keeps going.

Haslem and Dwyane Wade are the only two players who have been part of all three Heat championship teams, and the breaking of records doesn’t stop there. Haslem is the Heat’s all time rebounding leader, making him the first player in history to distinctly put out that stat. The accomplishments and humbleness that follow Haslem are tremendous. He is referred to as one of the most genuine players coaches have ever come across. President of the Miami Heat Pat Riley, spoke out earlier in the season when Udonis was first resigned back in August. He couldn’t express enough how happy the franchise was to have Udonis back for a 17th season. Years of mentoring new rookies, and guidance on the court, Haslem belongs in Miami.

Headed into 2020, the Heat stay enriched with this incredible vet on their side. While the Heat have been putting up some good numbers so far, the future is even brighter for the organization with a presence like Haslem’s.

Miami born. Miami raised. Miami made. This OG isn’t done yet.




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