Lebron James the New Goat

We all know who this guy is, and with his legacy still being written, there is no telling what else the future holds for King James.

As if being a high school superstar, appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, receiving a 90 million dollar Nike endorsement, and being referred to as the “chosen one” isn’t enough, Lebron continues to earn his titles.

Lebron James has officially become the ninth player to record 9,000 career assists. While still delivering MVP performances, it is VERY possible that Lebron James could end up as the No.1 scorer, and boast the top five assisting record in NBA history. If he continues at this pace, he will remarkably pass the other 8 players on the list that currently remain ahead of him. We know Lebron James is praised for passing. Open or not, he will make sure he gets the ball into the hands of his team mates. We cannot argue that his passing is pure fire, and if his numbers keep on, he will more than likely reach 10,000 assists by the end of next season!

Being 35 years of age, his one wish is to remain in the league long enough to play alongside his own blood, “Bronny James Jr,” his 16-year-old son. Aside from his extremely talented kid, Lebron’s goals are endless and his potential is limitless. Of course many will argue that he may not be the greatest of all time, but no one can deny what Lebron has achieved as a player thus far. We cannot ignore the talent he brings, burning our television sets with fascinating plays. There has always been something legendary about his demeanour, hate it or love it, he makes his presence known. He is the only player in NBA history to tackle being the no.1 scorer, and being a player to lead in top five assists. Can we at least acknowledge his track record and nominate him as a potential 2020 goat?

Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, anyone who knew Lebron from a young age knew he was a superstar in the making. The young prodigy led his high school to three state championships in only four years. As he moved onto his professional career, Lebron James is best known for his three NBA championships and four MVP awards. His athleticism can’t be questioned as he dominated with the Cleveland Cavaliers in scoring and steals during his time spent. Every team Lebron has played for, leaves us with impressive stats. His accomplishments in the 2016-2017 season are famously his best. King James pumped out numbers like 8.7 assists and 8.6 rebounds per game while still being able to score 26.4 points a game-outstanding! Shining all across the board, Lebron managed to average 32.5 points per game while being in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. With digits like this, he was able to pass Michael Jordan’s all time NBA scoring record. If he’s blowing records out like MJ’s, whose to really say he’s done making history?

The chronicles of this player are still being written. While some of us will have opinions as to whether or not Lebron deserves the title of “the goat,” he has certainly earned his respect from the game. Numbers don’t lie. King James is inevitably a freak of nature when it comes to showmanship. With a new decade amongst us, Lebron James is here to deliver for his newest home, The LA Lakers. He is here to progress, and to stomp on all the haters. We’ll let his talent speak for himself, and his skills do the talking. 2020 is officially here, and King James isn’t passing his crown over anytime soon.


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