McGregor Knocks Out Cowboy

All Conor McGregor needed was 40 seconds in the first round to TKO, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, last night at UFC246 at the sold out T-Mobile Arena in Vegas.  As ritualistic and entertaining as every fight, McGregor just knows how to put on a show.  It’s almost as if you’re watching a real-time movie occurring right in front of you.

Everyone had many doubts as to whether McGregor would be back in fighting shape.  The Irish superstar has been absent from the Octagon for over a year since his mauling loss to Khabib. In a stunning fashion, the double champ came out lighting quick just like he said he would.  Both fighters clinched, but McGregor got the best of Cerrone by using shoulder checks that stunned his opponent and ultimately dropped him with a vicious head kick. McGregor stated “I’m very very happy, very proud tonight. Me team has been phenomenal, the work has been phenomenal, the people have been phenomenal. Thank you all for the support, I appreciate it greatly.”

So what’s next for McGregor? At this point, McGregor has so many options. He has positioned himself nicely for a gigantic welterweight fight with Jorge Masvidal.  Although not expressing any potential names directly, the Irishman said “Any one of these mouthy fools can get it… even that little fool at the desk, all of them, every single one of them”. We can certainly assume that McGregor was hinting at Jorge Masvidal who was present ringside, as well as current welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

“Any one of these mouthy fools can get it… even that little fool at the desk, all of them, every single one of them”. – Conor McGregor

If McGregor does lose to Jorge, the rematch against Khabib will always be there, and I believe that is a guaranteed rematch that will happen sooner or later given the extensive history of bad blood between the two fighters. “It’s good going up and down. God willing, I came out of here unscathed. I’m in shape. I don’t believe I’m there yet, though. I’ve still got work to do to get back to where I was. Any one of these little mouthy fools can get it!”

UFC president Dana White stated that “Khabib Nurmagomedov, not Jorge Masvidal, is next for Conor McGregor”.  It would seem logical for the next fight to indeed be the rematch. Conor McGregor’s stock is back at an all-time high and Khabib will be defending his belt against Tony Ferguson later in April.  Both fighters have pulled out of their scheduled bout multiple times and McGregor voiced that he would be ready to replace one of the fighters if needed.  What’s certain is that the king is back and ultimately holds the chips in his hands.  We will been keen to see what McGregor does next.

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Michael Macki completed his BA at the University of Toronto in Political Science. Ever since a child, Michael has always had a passion for martial arts. Michael started his martial arts journey at the age of 4 in karate and earned his Shotokan black belt at the age of 16. After watching the UFC for the first time, he decided to aim to be a complete martial artist and learn other various forms of fighting. Michael is currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has extensive experience learning in the disciplines of Judo, Wrestling, Muay Thai and Western Boxing. Michael currently writes and covers a wide range of combat sports topics for Shotclock and also works the recruitment and management division of NLSE Inc. which represents the top fighters in the world.


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