Chris Boucher

Chris Boucher: Power Forward-Center

Fun Fact:

Chris Boucher’s nickname used to be CJ Slick, in which CJ stood for Chris Joseph and Slick was a self given name and stood for how Boucher felt as though no one would notice him in public.


Chris Boucher’s story is quite an inspirational and unconventional one. Boucher was born on January 11th, 1993 in Castries, Saint Lucia, but moved to Montreal with his mother at the age of 5. Chris Boucher grew up in the neighbourhood of Saint-Michel, surrounded by drugs and violence, which meant that him and his mom lived in poverty at the time. At the age of 16, due to complications at home, Boucher left his mother’s house and dropped out of school, leaving him homeless for two years, as he would crash at friend’s houses from time to time. To earn some money, the Raptors player worked as a cook and a dishwasher at a local restaurant, and would otherwise be playing basketball in city parks or recreational centres. However, Chris Boucher entered a basketball tournament at Little Burgundy Sports Center, where he gained the attention of Loic and Igor Rwigema, who were recruiters for the AAU team of Alma Academy. In doing so, Raptors number 25, earned a high school diploma and played basketball with an organized team, which led to his decision to play at the University of Oregon, where he had an average of 12 points per game and 6.8 rebounds per game. In 2017, Boucher was drafted to the Golden State Warriors on a two-way contract, but was unable to play in the playoffs with the Warriors due to an ACL injury that he had acquired prior to his draft pick. A year later, Golden State waived their contract with Boucher, after which he signed to the Toronto Raptors as a free agent. Chris Boucher has been a huge player in helping the Raptors in the NBA Finals – scoring his career high of 15 points in the same year, against the Lakers- and his story is an inspiring one.