Ryan Garcia

21-year-old Ryan Garcia is one of the most anticipated prospects in boxing.  The young Mexican-American boxer has managed to gain a massive following of four million followers on Instagram.  He is currently signed to Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotion and has been on an impressive winning streak of 19 wins, 16 of which were by KO. Nicknamed “The Flash”, Garcia’s success stems from his wickedly fast hands.  Speaking perfect English and matching Hollywood looks, his manager De La Hoya via TMZ said “I wanna make Ryan Garcia the biggest star that boxing has ever seen hands down… I mean look… he has the charisma, he has the punch, he has the fight, so I wanna make Ryan Garcia the biggest athlete out there that the world has ever seen. It’s just a matter of time”.

Garcia, who has been training since the age of 7 in his family’s garage, guided by his father, who is from Victorville, California, accumulated an amateur record of 215-15 and is undefeated in his pro career so far. Watching his highlights, Garcia shows a lot of promise.  His lighting fast speed, with his combinations and his power, plus his size advantage at 130lbs, proves him to be real raw talent.

Still, given the enormous potential Garcia has, there are many obstacles that the Victorville native needs to overcome.  Many have criticized him for the lack of competitive matches.  Garcia has not fought at the same caliber of fighters like the others in his division.  The current sharks swimming in the lightweight division would be Teofimo Jr., Devin Haney, and of course, Lomachenko.  Garcia currently has no business with these guys, and I believe that his team have chosen the wise route to slowly bring him up.  For a young talent like him, it would be foolish to throw him immediately to the wolves with elite fighters that have more experience.

Offering him fights against journeyman boxers gives Garcia the opportunity to work on his boxing and will get him to the level he needs to be at if he wants to face elite competition with the big dogs.

Although many scream “HYPETRAIN” when hearing Garcia, people need to understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Many fighters before and after have followed the same path.  Virtually every big boxer has had “tune up” fights early in their career in order to boost their marketability by showing an impressive record.  With Ryan Garcia, I see no different.  If he’s truly what Golden Boy Promotions says he is, we might have another superstar boxer that transcends the sport.  After all, Golden Boy has pound- for- pound best, Canelo Alvarez, who also trains with Garcia, to back their eye for talent.

Garcia has been booked to fight Francisco Fonseca on Valentine’s day in Anaheim on February 14th and we all look forward to seeing an incredible fight and what the future holds for his career.

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  1. This is a big success for 21 years old young man! His success will grow bigger and bigger. What a talented young Ryan Garcia!
    Can’t wait to see Garcia fights with Francisco Fonseca on Valentine’s day in Anaheim on February 14th.


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