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Portland’s talk of the town, Carmelo Anthony officially signs a guaranteed contract with the Portland Trail Blazers for the remainder of the season, and so far it’s nothing but high hopes for this baller.

Anthony, the 10-time NBA all star gets dubbed Western Conference Player of the week after averaging 22.3 points, 7.7 rebounds and 2.7 assists while the Blazers come off their 3 game winning streak. After taking a year off, many thought there was simply no use left for Anthony in the NBA, but the 35 year old Brooklyn born star had something else to prove to everyone out there who doubted him. The Portland Trail Blazers were the team willing to roll the dice, and have extended that opportunity to none other then Carmelo Anthony himself. Lucky for us fans, we get another season to see what Melo can bring to the table.

Carmelo Anthony entered into the NBA as a high redundant scorer, and was famously known for dominating the court with endless buckets. The legend himself has always taken on the role of a leader. Dating back to his one year in college at Syracuse, Anthony led his team to a national title. After being signed to the Denver Nuggets in 2003, he would become a player achieving outstanding accomplishments and would soon go on to average 21 points in his rookie season with the Denver Nuggets. Crowning himself with NBA honors on 6 different occasions, maintaining an average of over 20 points for 13 season’s straight, and leading the league in scoring from 2012-2013, it’s safe to say there is nothing Carmelo Anthony can’t do.

Although he still has a lot to prove, nobody can argue the physical shape that Anthony stays in. His body is right, his mindset is there, and his passion to make one of the greatest comebacks in the league prevails. Overall, we’ll let the numbers do the talking. There is no debating Melo’s impressive stats. His resume boasts 25,000 points, followed by a scoring title-the guy’s still got it.

So the question remains, what can we expect from Carmelo Anthony this season?

Standing at 6’9 with a seven-foot wing span, Melo will continue to shoot over the smaller players in the league and perfect that mid range shot. Although he was heavily criticized during his time with OKC and the Rockets, he still hit 40 and 43% from the mid range on these teams. Not to mention he hit 43% in 5 straight years with the Knicks.

Weighing in at 240 lbs, he is a player that can’t easily be pushed around, he will fight to maintain his strong physical presence against his opponents defending in the post or under the rim. Playing 15 seasons as a veteran, Melo doesn’t mind a bit off rough housing on the court.

Lastly, we know Melo will shoot the ball. Even though he may have lost a few things, one thing he hasn’t lost is his confidence. He is very capable and willing to make tough shots. If he is open, you can bank on him aggressively shooting.

After playing with Denver, The New York Knicks, OKC, The Houston Rockets, and now currently on board with the Trail Blazers, this NBA superstar is ready to show out, and we could not be more ready to see what his future entails. Carmelo Anthony goes on to say signing with the Trail Blazers happened at a point in his life where he had a lot of “clarity and understanding on the different situations at hand.” He states that his “approach is totally different.” Appearing humble and eager, this could very well be a season similar to a Dwayne Wade send off. The final rodeo that ends over a decade long tribute to one of the greatest.

Without a doubt, the throwback image of Carmelo Anthony suited up in 2003 sticks. Hungry and resilient, powerful and commanding. To all the Melo fans, how could we forget his signature look, the braids, the headband, and the baby blue nuggets jersey- forever an NBA staple.


Trail Blazers: Carmelo Anthony is back, and he’s here to stay


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