Raptors Steal the Show

It goes without questioning that the Toronto Raptors have exploded with many historical moments within the last year, however, this is another for the books.

After playing against the Dallas Mavericks, Toronto caused an uproar on the court that leaves fans with their heads spinning. While heading into the third quarter, trailing 26 points behind the Mavs, Toronto wasn’t looking too hot. After multiple free throws were missed by the Raptors, Toronto’s shooting was a mess. Kyle Lowry, Miller, Chris Boucher, Terence Davis, and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, were all struggling to sink buckets.

Raptors coach, Nick Nurse, looked like he needed some luck to turn this game around. Infamously, before throwing in the towel, the Raptors seemed to find the fight to kick it into overdrive where they were able to stun the stadium, breaking franchise history for one of the ultimate comebacks. With the game getting heated in the fourth, this was not a team that was going to settle. Fierce and ready to fight the Raptors shut down the Mavs by outscoring them 47-21. This game resulted in a big W for the Raps, ending with a 110-107 holiday season victory!

When it comes to his boys, Nick Nurse always does what he does best, seeks solutions quick. He even tells us, “I would say we have always been a team that fights,” and we aren’t arguing that. If there’s one team in this league that has been looked at as the underdogs, it’s the Raptors. Nobody can ever say these guys don’t give it 100%. Even when all odds seem to be stacked against them, they still manage to bring the shock factor and wow their audience. No true fans can argue and say they didn’t get their money’s worth of entertainment. Leave it to the Toronto Kings to never call a game over until the clock hits 0.

With Hollis-Jefferson hitting four free throws at the end of the fourth, the Raptors began to pick up the pace. Fighting instincts in full force, the Raptors defense started to push hard, forcing the Mavericks to speed up, creating turnovers. This may have been Nick Nurse’s plan all along, as the results put them in a situation where they could win. With only 1:37 left on the clock, in the fourth, the Raptors carry a three-point lead looking to finish off the Mavericks with a massive comeback.

What started out looking like a total wash, turned into a battle that the Raptors were not willing to let go of. Obviously desperate for an answer, the Raptors turned to coach Nurse in hopes of salvaging any chance to win. Nick Nurse had a one shot idea to apply pressure to Dallas with very little time to orchestrate. Everything in a game that makes for a nail biter.

With every challenge being pulled out to slow down the Raptors, this team was still not accepting it. It was undeniable that the energy from the bench, the players, and the crowd, was exhilarating, all part of the ultimate glorified win. Boucher coming in with the exaggerated dunk with only 25.8 seconds left on the clock, was the icing on the cake and fans were going wild. You could feel the crowd rising, getting louder, and the pre celebrating eager take place. It was only a matter of time before the clock ran dry, and fans could start indulging about a phenomenal game well played. What started out as a nearly 30-point deficit, quickly turned around.

With Lowry playing such a huge role in this win, it is fair to say that his 32-point contribution, including 20 points in the final minutes, led to this guy going absolutely crazy with the ball. 7-for-10 from the field and 4-for-6 from the three-point range, he is a big part of this outcome.  As Nick Nurse says, “I’m not sure I’ve seen anything like it.” Given Kyle’s experience, he knows what it takes to win. He’s already been a part of a championship winning team and the hustle is instilled in him. Ultimately, it was a combined team effort that landed the Raptors in triumph.

To all the fans who got to witness this spectacular game, Merry early Christmas Toronto, this well deserved gift came three days early!

Raptors stun Mavericks with franchise-record comeback win

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