“All it takes is for you to believe in what you want to achieve. Speak it into existence.”  –  Terrence Davis Jr.

Davis, who continues an impressive 2019-2020 campaign coming off another double-digit point performance in a win against the Hawks, was signed by the Raptors to a two-year deal paying $898,310 this season with a team option for the 2020-21 season. Although many expert NBA analysts ignored the former Ole Miss standout, to the point where he wasn’t even invited to the 2019 NBA pre-draft camp in Chicago, can we really say we are surprised that Masai Ujiri and the front office of the Raptors organization found yet another hidden gem?

“I felt like it was God opening doors for me,” Davis said. “I was just a fill-in. Someone got hurt and they put me in there. My agent called me and told me I got the invite. So, I just packed my bags and got there the day before.”

In his G-League Elite Camp performance, Davis scored a game-high of 24 points in 22 minutes against some of the nation’s best competition, and earned a promotion to the aforementioned pre-draft camp. Davis was later quoted as saying that the fact that he didn’t event have his name on his jersey motivated him further, which led to his astonishing performance. One of Davis’ more unknown facts is that his hands measure in at 10.75 inches wide, which the Raptors noted was the biggest measurement by a guard since 2010.

Then came the 2019 NBA draft. Davis’ family and friends threw a draft party hoping he would be drafted in the second round. To their disappointment, Davis was not among the 60 players selected that night.

“That was the night I became a man. I said, ‘Hey family, this is a deal. A few teams offered me two-ways [contracts]. I turned them down. I think I am better than a two-way…God is not done with my story. It’s not the end. It’s the beginning.’”

Davis got a shot when the Denver Nuggets offered him a summer league contract, and the rest, as we know, is history. He played only one game before Masai put in the call and offered Davis a guaranteed contract, which it was later reported that Davis thought was a sick joke of some kind. Terrence Davis Jr. was the only undrafted free agent signed to an NBA contract from the entire summer league, fully guaranteed.

Masai Ujiri backed up his choice by saying, “He is one of those players that has something to prove”. “He’s tough. He is one of those young guys who have come in, who understands hard work, winning and teamwork.”

With the way Davis is playing, and the talk surrounding what kind of contract he could be looking at after the 2020-2021 season, even Masai couldn’t have imagined that Davis would progress as far as he has this season. Unless Patrick McCaw continues to eat into Davis’ minutes, it’s safe to say that he will remain a staple in Nick Nurse’s rotation.


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