For anyone who knows basketball, they know Josh Christopher. This young talent has been all hype ever since he marked the court at Mayfair High School, in his hometown Lakewood, California. This 6’4 shooting guard plays with grit and grind. Being ranked one of the top prospects going into 2020, Josh Christopher is currently ranked the 11th best kid in the 247Sports Composite board, and crazy enough has yet to make any decisions on where he’ll choose to leave his stamp on college grounds.

Talks of Arizona State, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and UCLA have all been thrown out on the table, but Christopher isn’t biting just yet. Shockingly enough he threw a big curve at college recruiters when he chose to take a trip 2500 miles across the country and visit D.C’s Howard University. Although Howard hasn’t appeared in a single NCAA tournament since 1992, let alone won a title, there is a historical draw to Howard. Christopher refers to the University as having “culture.” There seems to be something that sparks the interest of Christopher attending an under rated program for basketball. Could this be a game changer and put Howard on the map for college ball? Is it actually possible that one of the top players in America would choose a school that is barely even relevant with its basketball program? Who’s really to say Josh Christopher can’t be the face of a new era? Although the obvious decision appears to be a school with the top talent and stats to show they can win titles, maybe choosing the under rated pick sends a message of movement, a kid ready to change history. If Christopher was to choose Howard, he would be one of the first players to notably be a massive name in the draft and buzz amongst college recruitment by choosing this very school.

With Christopher’s level of talent, there is no telling what can or can’t be done, anything is possible. Being recruited for college as early as his sophomore year in high school, this 18-year-old is letting the anticipation build as to where he’ll land. Could it be that someone this young is starting to understand the power of what it means to change a generation, while leading other males to new limits? Going against all odds, and potentially declining some of the top ranked colleges is bold! But Christopher seems to be looking for something more, something deeper. Perhaps this is the voice of young athletes looking to send a different vibe out to our youth, and refusing to be told what to do based on the numbers game.

What people don’t know is that Howard University prides themselves with many students who have been influential leaders to the African American community. Thurgood Marshall was a graduate of Howard University who later went on to become the first African American Supreme Court Justice. A very influential leader who promoted racial equality and fought for fairness. For young aspiring athletes looking into the history and background that Howard comes with, this is a wave length and a motion looking to change the game on and off the court. Something this society needs. Based on what we know about Howard, they would be the perfect platform to redefine college sports by benefiting from a student like Josh. With his chance to lead at a very young age, he could change the norm. By not choosing Arizona State, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri or UCLA, he’s already sending a loud statement in itself. Maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg of what a new face can do to help influence and guide our new decade fast approaching.

What this means for the NBA is crucial. With Josh Christopher’s talent, he is already being considered to enter the NBA draft without college. Being that there are 45 high school draftees to date, and Lebron James being one of them, Josh Christopher is a landmine ready to explode. With all the potential in the world, and all the social tools to speak to a generation, this guy might not even realize his position of power. This could very well be a game changing force for the league. Nonetheless we will have to patiently wait and see what the outcome of Christopher’s decision entails.

Howard or no Howard, this powerhouse is a kid you want to keep your eyes on.



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