2020 NBA Hall of Fame

With 2020 fast approaching, there are some serious decisions to be made. This year the NBA’s Hall of Fame consists of a strong, well rounded nominee pool. There are many high profile players listed that are first time nominee picks, and the question on everyone’s mind is, who will be awarded this honour?

A first look at the candidates was revealed by ESPN’s “The Jump” where we learned who made the initial cut. It is said that the committee of the NBA Hall of Fame will be held during All Star weekend in Chicago on February 14th, 2020. It is in the windy city of Chicago where the panel will reveal the North American, and the women’s finalists for the class of 2020. The final class will be revealed during the finale of March Madness during the NCAA’s final four in Atlanta, GA during early April. With an extensive and overly talented lot to choose from, there won’t be a bad choice for whoever is inducted. It looks like the panel will have their work cut out for them this year as they break down the analytics and achievements of each contender.

Some of the most well known names of the NBA are up for grabs as we head into the final part of the decision making process. First time nominees are those such as Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh, Shawn Marion, Tamika Catchings, Swin Cash, and Michael Finley.

If we breakdown some of these big wig names, there is no doubt that they have all earned their stars and stripes to be here. When we look at Kobe Bryant, a former five-time champion with the LA Lakers, there is no debating he may be the fan favorite. He will forever be known as the yellow and purple in the city of Los Angeles. This “Black Mamba” is at the very top of the list due to his influential playing style and reputation as a Laker. Close behind him are other superstars, also well recognized for their insane talent. San Antonio Spurs phenomenon Tim Duncan comes in as a top contender, also holding the title of a five-time champ. Kevin Garnett makes a strong case as well, winning a ring in 2008 with Boston, and now making a debut in his acting career, starring in Adam Sandler’s newest film “Uncut Gems.” As mentioned earlier, the list entails other potentials making this year EXTRA hard to choose from. But the induction wouldn’t be the same without some of the top talent from the WNBA, so of course we can’t forget about two of our empowering forces representing the females.

We have two very commanding ladies who have rightfully made the list. First we have Tamika Catchings who won the MVP award in 2011, while playing with the Indiana Fever for 15 seasons. Right behind her is Swin Cash, another female superstar who led the WNBA for nearly 15 years playing mainly with the Detroit Shock. Swin Cash is a powerful female who helped lift Detroit to their 2003 championship title. As the list goes on, more candidates continue to be praised for outstanding excellence.

All these names are truly honorable, and they wouldn’t be where they are today without all of the hard work and dedication that goes into the making of an athlete. Just getting as far as being able to play on professional grounds is already a dream come true. Mix that with a few dollar signs, and your career as someone who’s getting paid to play is an immeasurable blessing. When it comes to playing pro, we have seen many big names rise to the occasion, but still never get nominated for an honor so grand. Getting recognized for talent on any level is already an accomplishment, but being able to have the whole world watch your name be engraved on a golden plaque is the ultimate way of knowing “you made it.”

The actual ceremony will commence in Springfield, Massachusetts and is said to be held on August 29th in 2020, once playoff season has fully ended. With tons of basketball on the radar for the next few months, we will have lots to look out for! Soon enough some of our favorite legends will be marked on the walls as they take their place in the NBA Hall of Fame forever.

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